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Our highly skilled programmers and fashion designers use the last technologies for giving the best results


Sewing operation includes not only processes for joining parts of products, but also operations on sewing loops, buttons, braids and laces, embroideries, printing and else.


Quality control is done in a timely manner at each stage of production in order to fully reduce the possibility of defects.


Hand activities complete the manufacturing process and ensure the best appearance of the knitwear.

about us

Our experience in Europe and Russia allow us to answer all requests.

The knitting factory ‘’Texas Production’’ is established in Armenia since 2017. The firm is spread on two floors of 2500 square meters in the city of Yerevan with 200 employees and 80 knitting machines rectilinear. We manage all the parts of production: buying yarn for the knitting , assembly and delivery. Per year we produce 400 to 500 different models. Our advantages are knitting and making women, men and kids garments. To be different from other companies we suggest new things to our customers and also we are willing to hear their offers. Our target is to propose all style ranges to our customers for to help them in developing on any market. Our experience in France, Germany and Russia allow us to answer all requests. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us, we can answer you in English, French, Russian, Bulgarian and of course Armenian.

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Production and technology

The Product
The Product
For everyone,to everywhere!
We knit for men, women and kids. Our company has a strong long-term experience in the production of knitwear.Each day our designers and modelists find out new fashion trends to satisfy our clients.
Supply from EURope
Supply from EURope
The best quality!
Most of our yarn come from Italy and France.But our geographical position let us to import yarn from many countries which surround Armenia.
Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki
Number one knitting machines in Japan!
The company uses knitting machines Shima Seiki and the technology of the last Apex 3. These machines support various customer needs with high-quality and productivity. Our SIR and SVR machines go to gauge 7 to 18.
our team
our team
Worldwide people, Armenian Spirit!
We have found the best workers from the leader countries of the world and brought to Armenia to develop knitted manufacturing. We have involved professionals in our company work from: Bulgari, France, Italy,Russia etc…